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Chantier - TNP Villeurbanne - October 31th 2014 at 18h30

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Shows on tour

Welcome to this space gathering informations about Image Aiguë' shows on tour or planned.


We created last november La Morale du Ventre which is part of the research about relations between Power and Hunger started by the Company with its previous creation The Ogres or Power makes joyful and tireless (2010).


For this creation, the Company lead a set of public research laboratories ("Chantiers"), in different theaters accross the city of Lyon.


We are now preparing Les Quatre Saisons - Qui veut l'œuf doit supporter la poule, a variation of La Morale du Ventre with the music of Vivaldi, a cooperation between Image Aiguë and baroque ensemble Les Nouveaux Caractères.


There are many occasions to meet : for research workshops of the European Theater Ensemble or theater lessons which we lead in many countries Europe-wide. Don't hesitate to contact me for more informations.


Nicolas Bertrand - Manager

Phone : +33 4 78 27 74 81     

Cell phone : +33 6 35 37 60 86



Qui veut l'œuf doit supporter la poule

(The Four Seasons - Who wants the egg must stand the chicken)


Variation of Christiane Véricel's La Morale du ventre, inspired by Antonio Vivaldi's the Four Seasons, interpreted live by the musicians of les Nouveaux Caractères.



Author and director : Christiane Véricel

Music adaptation and conductor : Sébastien d'Hérin



Production : Image Aiguë, in partnership with Les Nouveaux Caractères and the Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse, with the support of Espace Tonkin - Villeurbanne and les Subsistances - Lyon.



* musical theatre

* show for all audience, from 7 years olds

* 400-500 seats

* 6 performers, 6 children-performers, 5 musicians

* 22-23 people on tour

* duration about 1h20



Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse, Lyon

* Tuesday 15 october 2013 - 19h30

* Wednesday 16 october 2013 - 15h

* Thursday 17 october 2013 - 14h30 et 19h30

* Friday 18 october 2013 - 14h30

* Saturday 19 october 2013 - 19h30




1) Presentation file (PDF) containing presentation notes, bios, history...

2) Reportage on french TV (France 3, 2mn, september 2013)

3) Photos of rehearsals (september 2013) : diaporama on FlickR

4) Video presenting the project (in french)



Contact Nicolas Bertrand nbertrand@image-aigue.org




Short fables without moral, but stomach's, to leaf through like a naive and violent picture book.


Autor, director : Christiane Véricel


"Each uses his own assets and tricks, the challenge is the dividing line between winners and losers, dominant or oppressed. Yet, whatever the severity of the topics, the pitfall of pathos remains absent. The playful and unexpected tone takes place in a false frivolity engraved in a pointer as beautiful as it is powerful. For Christiane Véricel, "the stage is a catalyst. The plastic universe allows to transpose reality into imagination", which knows no border. Beyond the visual quality of each piece of Image Aiguë, the whole artistic approach reflects, by its outcome, the profound necessity of its commitment."

Lise Ternat, Mouvement n°68


"With Christiane Véricel, globalization is embodied on stage. From hyper globalization that dilutes everything, she uses her focal length for we fell, in the happy eyes of children, the seriousness of the subject: in 2012, hunger is still a plague. Trade liberalization has done nothing. So she denounces by stating her global theatrical art: music borders the body in dance steps, the silence hems their shadows, movements twirl fed by grace, while the flow of the stage direction founds spaces of freedom designed to perfect fit."

Sylvie Lefrère et Pascal Bély, www.festivalier.net, 17/11/12  




Production : Image Aiguë, in partnership with Espace Tonkin - Villeurbanne, with the support of Les Subsistances - Lyon.



* spectacle for all and children audiences, from 7 years old

* 150-200 seats

* 4 performers, 4 children-actors, 1 accordionist

* 12/13 people on tour


20 performances in 2012-2013 in : Espace Tonkin - Villeurbanne, Théâtre Edwige Feuillère - Vesoul, Espace des Arts - Sène Nationale - Chalon-sur-Saône, Théâtre Gérard Philipe - Centre Dramatique National de Saint-Denis, Festival Bolzano Danza - Italie
On tour in 2013-2014 :


16-17 January 2014

Graines de Spectacles - Clermont-Ferrand


20 to 23 February 2014

Les Hyvernales - Hyères (to be precised)


7 March 2014

Les Hivernales - Avignon


24 March 2014

Théâtre de Cluny


23-24 April 2014

Théâtre d'Aurillac


13-14 May 2014

Karavan Théâtre - Chassieu


16-17 May 2014

CC Charlie Chaplin - Vaulx-en Velin



1) Information file (PDF in english) including presentation of the show, bios...

2) Photos of the creation (november 2012) : album on FlickR

3) Video extracts of the show (5mn) : a complete DVD is available on request

4) Technical rider (pdf in french)



"Les origines du monde", Mouvement n°68 (pdf)

"Armand Bikounou, paroles sans mots", Viva Magazine n°263 (pdf)

"Nous aimons Christiane Véricel, femme qui aime" sur festivalier.net

"Trois écolières dionysiennes montent sur les planches à Villeurbanne"sur lejsd.com

Revue de presse complète à télécharger (pdf)



Nicolas Bertrand nbertrand@image-aigue.org